Our advantages
We aim to increase the value of people through knowledge and values.

  • Honesty and justice

    It should be in all agreements, tasks and assignments, in every spoken word.
  • Without betraying time

    Do not waste your working day and working time, do not waste time and come to work on time and conscientiously perform every task.

  • Do not lie and no gossips.
    Every Target employee is required not to lie, gossip, and most importantly, to follow through on every promise they make.
  • Charity lessons.
    Often organization of charity lessons.
  • Customer satisfaction.
    We have to ensure that every client leaves our threshold with an AGREEMENT.
  • "Together"
    Actively participating and contributing to Target's collective organizational work, following the motto "Strength in unity - Target is my team"
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  • 1780+

    Total number of students

  • 8


  • 192

    Number of employees

  • 780+

    Number of students studying abroad

  • 102+

    Scholarship winners
  • 13+

    Projects and companies opened under Target

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Our team
Nilufar Ibodullayeva 
Deputy Director of Academic Affairs.
Otabek Bobojonov

Arabic teacher.

Prpjects of Target
Open projects under the brand "Target".
Tech Lab company
Target International School is a company that supports students, regardless of age, and hires based on their potential. This company consists of 3 departments, "Programming", "Digital design" and "Robotics".
Business club
A special club focused on teaching financial literacy, proper use of money, methods of earning assets and passive income.
Developing new products and business processes, timeline development, cost estimation, ways of motivation, documentation, and everything that is important for a company.
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